Good or bad, past or future, negative or positive – you choose what you focus on. You are responsible for what goes on in your mind! Choosing your focus takes: mindfulness, awareness, alertness, and it’s really challenging work. Only you can control what you do. Trust adversity, seek out adversity and challenge it. You control your mental habits!

Change your mindset and change your reality. It takes time and practice saying: ‘I’m A Winner’, ‘I Can Do This’. As corny as you think it sounds, repeat phrases like this to yourself. If you do it, it will become your reality. You can do anything you set your mind to!

Creators of golf courses design the course with distractions in mind. They put: trees, sand, water, and other kids of hazards in interesting places to channel your focus from the target. Golf would be a much easier game if their was a wide open fairway with a flat, monster size green and great sign sign that read ‘Hit In Here’ instead of the: sand, water and trees that call out for your attention, even if it’s only to cause you to think ‘I Hope I Don’t Hit It Here’

Distractions come in many forms. It all comes down to choices and putting your mind in the best position to succeed and score by choosing to focus on your target.