Your choices shape your life and your life is in your hands. We are designed to choose, and we are defined by our choices. Caring is about Being Present! Choosing to care for yourself allows you to be present with who you are. Being Present with yourself is the key to Being Present with others. Being Present with others is truly a gift of caring!

It’s tempting to believe that student athletes care only about their sport and not their school work. Student athletes should view their sport as a compliment to, not a replacement for, their studies. Some student athletes don’t take their academics seriously as they do when an athlete thinks the rest of the team doesn’t care about academics, that athlete tries to fit in by pretending not to care either.

Athletes are prone to going “100 miles an hour”, in every aspect of their lives. Competition in our sports and in the classroom, eating ‘what is there’ instead of planning a meal, and rushing off to bed. We need to care enough to take enough time to Rest and Rejuvenate: take a nap, get a massage, go for a walk and be mindful, start a journal, etc.