Every single workout have a plan, go in with a plan:

  1. Count and track your shots, both: makes and attempt (different spots on the floor)
  2. Chart your results
  3. Measure your improvements


The daily work that is required to become a great short is not glamorous, it’s lonely! The best competition in you, is your yesterday! Don’t limit yourself to be as good as someone else.


Maximize your time and shots:

  1. Shoot at weird times
  2. Bring two basketball
  3. Enroll others in your vision
  4. Minimize time between shots


Great players are selfish with their time! Fight through fatigue, focus and lock-in. Every single repetition (rep) counts. Inches make a champion! Simulate pressure in your workouts. Shoot in small sets, ~10 or less. Have goals and consequences in-between for: ~15/20 seconds. It all makes it matter and worth something in the end.


You want to customize your workout according to your position on the team. To get the most out of your workout, you need to go at game speed:

  1. Determine your strengths, weaknesses and goals
  2. Break down your goals into tasks
  3. Value your gym time
  4. Be consistent