Presence: The fact or condition of being present. A time that is neither Past nor Future.


Everyday Life: We all struggle with thoughts coming in & out in your minds, clutter/chatter, ~60,000 or so per day with ~80%/90% being the same daily. By allowing the past or future to be our overriding thoughts, we never enjoy the moment/moments, right here / right now. Example: (1) when we are driving stressed out about traffic, not getting to or location faster, instead of singing along with the songs on our radio or having constructive conversations with whoever is in the car. (2) Talking to a co-worker for 5 minutes but thinking instead about the snow outside the whole time, instead of being fully engaged in the conversation.


Sports / Baseball Game: Lots of stops & goes, more stops than go time, so much time for your mind to wander. Waiting in the outfield for a ball to be hit your way in center field or sitting on the bench waiting for your at bat. So so much down time. Being Present could involve just knowing what batter is up at that exact moment, count of balls & strikes on him, etc. It’s not being in the outfield thinking about your last at bat or thinking about your significant other while up to bat at the plate. So many outside variables in a baseball game: umpires calling balls & strikes behind the plate, umpires calling safe or out at the bases, etc. It’s your reaction to the umpire(s) that shapes your thoughts – always come back to – center / your breathe – to slow down, this moment, presence.

Yoga: Coming to your mat & allowing yourself to slowdown and breathe, connecting your movement to your breathe, etc. Also, making the subtle adjustments your teacher articulates through out class. Giving yourself the ~1hr (less or more) to: surrender,  unwind, declutter, rest, recover, rejuvenate, etc. It’s so beneficial to take time for yourself daily. In yoga class, just allow/accept you as you are + thanking yourself for taking the time for you. Accepting yourself as is – it’s ok where I’m at today, at this moment in time, on this exact day. In savasana (corpse pose) at then end of class – slow things down – be able to relax & have that ~3/4/5minutes of quite for yourself (catch & release thoughts as they come up), repeat a specific mantra, breathe in / out for ~3/4 counts, etc.


Summary: Life is to short to allow outside variables to effect our daily lives at such a frequent rate. Just becoming aware when they come up & how to come back to – center / your breathe – will set you free. Time is just a number in the grand scheme of things, make the most of it while you are here – enjoy friendships, family, etc. Everything goes by so fast, over a 100 miles an hour & we never take the time to be in the moment. We are so focused on the next thing. When that things comes & happens we never live in the moment, were on to the next one. Take time out of your day to slow down – maybe just ~5 minutes to start – no: tv, internet, radio, etc. Just sit & breathe – eyes open or closed (indoors or outdoors). Take that extra few seconds to stop & say hello to a stranger, or a good morning, have a great day, etc. The little things can/will go a very long way.


Suggested Reading: ‘The Power of Now” – Eckhart Tolle