Balance training can improve your atheltic performance. Balance training / conditioning is a way to train the body to make better use of the strength we already have. When balance is incorporated into yoga for athlete training – stabilization and proprioception increase and by default he / she is at less risk of injury.


Balance is both a movement skill that enhances technique and a conditioning element that can be improved. Balance training facilities body awareness. In / while playing sports, this might be difficult to sense, but in a controlled training environment, these “Feelings” can be introduced to athletes. The benefit is in “Remembered” reactions to imbalance created  in training situations. Balance awareness becomes an innate, automatic skill.

More exposure to balance in small increments may be more beneficial than longer balance sequences that are less frequent. Balance training can teach body awareness and position sense (knowing where the limbs and body are in space at any given time). Wok on: challenging balance, sensing imbalances, reacting quickly and recovering from imbalance via subtle physical adjustments. Even athletes in great shape will find these tasks challenging until they become efficient at making balance adjustments.