Athletes need to focus on what we call the ABC’s of Sports Performance Training. These are basic building blocks of fundamental movement skills:


  • Agility: The ability to change the body position effectively. It’s important as an athlete to know how to run, sprint forward and backwards, move laterally and change directions. Learning how to stop will not only improve performance but decrease the likelihood of injuries.
  • Balance: An even distribution of weight allowing you to remain upright and steady. Balance not only improves strength but also increases coordination. Try balance on 1 leg balance for 30 seconds. It that’s easy, try with your sneakers off (bare foot) or close your eyes. Best to do at a young age, while the brain  / body are growing and learning how to move.
  • Coordination: The ability to use different parts of the body together, smoothly and efficiently. It’s important to learn different movement patterns to increase coordination and do as many drills as possible to teach the body how to move. Drills like ladder drills and tennis ball drills are great tools and techniques to improve coordination.
  •  Speed: The rate / rapidity of movement or action. Athletes often forget that to get faster, the most important thing they can do is practice the sprinting you’ll be performing in competition. To get fast, you must practice the specific type of speed you wish to improve with strong focus and intention.

Spend time working on the ABC’s to become a better Athlete. With time, consistency and dedication, athleticism will improve. Some of the work as an Athlete involves working with out a ball. Coaches at the: High School, College and Professional Level – are looking for Athletes. Having the skills and solid fundamentals of your sport are very valuable but athleticism is the great separator at all levels of sports.