The zone in question to give it it’s full title is the “Zone of Optimal Performance” or when an athlete performs to their absolve / absolute maximum – has the perfect game. Anything from: amount of sleep, relationship status, nutrition, coaches, input from countless others (parents / family, friends, fans, etc) can influence performance.


  1. Time slowed down
  2. They were fully and completely focused on the present moment
  3. Present – existing or occurring now, the period of time now occurring
  4. They could keenly know the next play would unfold without thinking about it, almost like having a premonition
  5. Winning was not on the mind, the focus was on the journey, not the destination
  6. Everyone and everything seemed connected in some energetic, unified way: teammates, opposing players, coaches, etc.
  7. The experience transcended the physical and mental, consciousness expanded and a separate sense of self went away (ego)
  8. Performance levels rose