Passion: Very strong feeling, about a person or thing. Intense emotion, compelling enthusiasm or desire for anything.


7 Questions To Help You Find Your True Passion In Sports:

1) When you wake up in the am, do you have a fire in your belly to practice & play a particular sport: basketball, baseball, football, etc?

2) Does the thought of that particular sport keep you up late at night with excitement & anticipation?

3) Do you dream about the plays in a particular game / sport you just played?

4) In your free time, are you practicing or playing a sport vs using social media or watching TV?

5) Does playing a sport put a smile on your face?

6) Does being paid $100,000 or $1,000,000 to play a particular sport (semi-pro or pro), take the Fun out of it – make it more into a job than Fun?

7) Winning is Fun, do you loose interest / passion if you are on a loosing team?




‘Passion’ For The Sport You Play: 

Everyone needs inspiration / enthusiasm to succeed. Love What You Do! Do What You Love! If you enjoy practicing & playing your sport, you will do well at it. There will be highs & lows, wins & losses along the way. There should be a particular Energy you get from that sport – practicing, playing, watching, etc. It’s not always about the wins & losses, it’s also about: great teammates, the skills you learn & develop, learning to be your best, encouraging & being positive, meeting & interacting with new people, making new friends, etc. Left to your own vices, all you would do is play sport: 24/7. Playing a sport on a team will come with the development of a healthy athletic identity, a solid sense of self-esteem, & numerous other beneficial life skills.


It Must Be ‘FUN’:

The fact of the matter is that sports, above all else, should just be for Fun. The sport you choose (one or multiple) must be ‘FUN.’ It must bring: enjoyment, amusement, pleasure, entertainment, etc. Once the fun comes out of it, passion starts to subside & burnout kicks in. As children get older & turn into adults – money ($), can turn playing a sport into a job instead of as passion & for fun. Competitive pressure – becoming more serious about a sport but also maintaining that passion, thin line to balance. It’s the days where you might not want to practice or play that you end up doing & pushing though – also make sure it’s not – ‘all work & no play’. Focus on being the best athlete you can be / commit to excellence – it’s not all about the wins & refusing to accept anything short of this.


If the sport is ‘Fun’ & you are ‘Passionate’ about it – nothing stops you from excelling in that sport.