Serious athletes must: rest, restore, and rejuvenate between workouts so the body can: repair, rebuild and strengthen itself. With the stress you’re putting on your body, you will end degrading your performance if you haven’t already. Any good athletic recovery program should allow for recovery time for growth to occur between workouts. Recovery means you learn to relax deeply to foster recovery and bring your whole body back into equilibrium. Why does this matter?

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  1. Athletic recovery allows your body to adapt and compensate, which will both lead to an increase in performance.
  2. If recovery is not allowed to occur, performance will stagnate or even decline.
  3. A one-hour recovery session can bring your body back to it’s peak output, max resting heart rate levels and max locate concentrates.
  4. Recovery is cumulative, allowing you to recover from a combination of prior workouts, not just the last one.
  5. Through recovery, athletes can increase their career longevity and develop an inner balance to last a lifetime.
  6. An athletic recovery program is the best insurance plan against the wear and tear you put on your body.