1. When you’re trying to stay in front of a shifty opponent who’s looking to drive the lane (basketball), you need to be able to change direction in a fraction of a second. Yoga can help you do this by improving mobility in general and specifically in the all important hip joint.
  2. When you improve your strength from the ground up, it can change your running form, plus make you lighter on your feet (less susceptible to injury).
  3. Yoga improves balance and works smaller muscles that normally would not get worked in your regular routine.
  4. You will be able to move and react more quickly and puts less strain on your knees and other joints.
  5. Yoga builds stamina through breath control (be aware of your breathing). Also helps you become more mindful (mindfulness) as an athlete: control your emotions, center yourself after a referees call, play in the zone, relax in tense moments, creates body awareness, etc.


1 yoga pose to improve basketball athleticism:

Hero’s Pose (Toes Tucked & UnTucked):

jason heros pose toes tucked

Both versions of hero’s pose allow continued opening of the quadriceps muscles, plus in addition keeps the knee flexible and gives it pliability in the case of jarring movements on the field/court/ice. Toes tucked version allows you to open the all important achilles tendon as an athlete, and also the calf, planter fascia and toes, all of which allow more power to push off and therefore could increase hops / vertical leap. The untucked version opens the shin and top of the ankle for over all stability. The more supple the toes are the better the push off on your foot for any running or throwing sport, plus increases the ankle range of motion making for a smoother, easier and more effortless run. Start at about 1 minute for each version and build to 2/3 minutes or more over time. This is a great one to do while watching tv…