Set your sights on becoming even better, each and every single day. What do you want to improve on as a leader?, As a Student?, As a Parent?, As a Friend? This is not about climbing Mt Everest or curing cancer, it’s about making a huge difference and impact. This is about overcoming fear, being confident, and holding yourself accountable.


  1. Grow: Continually develop yourself and your skills and figure out what you can contribute. Invest in yourself and develop skills to help conquer challenges through out life.
  2. Reality: Be open to discover what is under the surface. Breakdown the challenge to figure out what’s causing the issue. You might be surprised at what you find.
  3. Explore: Think outside the box and utilize the minds of others to collaborate for the best results. Be creative as unique problems need unique solutions.
  4. Answer: Access your list of possible ideas to determine what could work and what might work. Don’t be afraid to tweak your ideas as you go.
  5. Take Action: Nothing will happen unless you do the final step. Create goals and action plans. Follow through and stay committed to action and improvement. You can talk about ideas forever, but unless you plan it out, change will never happen. Implement the plan.



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