It’s so important to do a dynamic warm-up before playing your sport, including running vs a static stretch. A dynamic warm-up is a series of ballistic movements performed in a safe and controlled fashion. A major benefit of the dynamic warm-up is it’s ability to help coordination, motor ability, as well as rev up the nervous system. Those traits are extremely valuable with younger kids who are still learning their bodies. Lastly, as possibly the most important, I truly believe the dynamic warm-up sufficiently prepares the mind of the workout ahead (both – mind and body prep before a workout).

As with any of these drills, it is important to start out slow and conservative until a player has mastered the movement with perfect technique. Address all of the bodies muscles groups fairly evenly: hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, achilles tendon, hip flexors, etc. Choose 3-5, use variety, can be done for 5-20 minutes for each dynamic warm-up.


  1. Knee Hugs:


While walking forward, hug your right knee into your chest, then step and switch, repeat. Excellent way to loosen up the gluten and hips.


2. Ankle Pops:


Lightly bounce off the toes while keeping the knees in a very slight bend. The motion looks very similar to jumping rope, except progressively moving forward.


3. Frankenstein March:


Keep your left leg straight, kick your left leg up in front of you as high as you can and try to touch your opposite arm’s finger tips. Repeat with the right and forward. Excellent way to increase hamstring flexibility.