15 Random Acts Of Kindness:

  1. Send someone a handwritten note of thanks
  2. Smile a lot
  3. Find opportunities to give compliments
  4. Say “Thank You” to someone who made a difference
  5. Listen, Don’t Interrupt
  6. Encourage someone to pursue his/her dreams
  7. Say “I Love You” to someone you love
  8. Say “Please” and “Thank You” a lot and really mean it
  9. Volunteer your time to a charity, local soup kitchen, shelter, youth group, etc.
  10. Donate Blood
  11. Don’t write the angry interne /social media comment you’re thinking of writing
  12. Put your phone away
  13. Hold the elevator
  14. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while
  15. Mentor someone who needs support


Kindness / Kind: a state of being kind – type, race, or category / friendly, generous, considerate, sympathetic. An instance of kind or charitable behavior. One’s inherent nature, character, natural/pleasant disposition and concern for others. A group of individuals or instances sharing common traits. etc…