10 Ways To Find ‘Joy’ In Your Life!


  1. Live Your Own Life. Follow Your Passion!
  2. Enjoy The Journey / Process.
  3. Live Outside Your Comfort Zone. Change occurs outside your comfort zone (allow).
  4. Take A Leap Of Faith.
  5. Learn Something New: play a game or a sport, learn how to cook a new dish, etc.
  6. Get Out In Nature. Take A Thank You Walk.
  7. Set a Goal, Than Reach It. Run that 5k or marathon, pass that test, loose ~10 pounds.
  8. Meditate And Enjoy The Silence.
  9. Spend ~5/10 minutes or more writing in a journal – what you are grateful and thankful for daily.
  10. Stop Being Afraid, fear is something we create, like joy, except that it limits us. Be ok with being uncomfortable.