1. How much time are you spending on your sport, (playing, practice, skills, performance, mental training, recovery, etc.), 20/30 hrs a week, 4/5 days a week?
  2. Are you mentally ready to train daily?
  3. How much effort are you putting into your daily training?
  4. How bad do you want it – ‘To Get Better’?
  5. Do you think outside the box with all aspects of your training?
  6. Do you go above and beyond for your sport?
  7. Have you set goals for the upcoming season on paper (smart / specific goals)?
  8. Are you the 1st person to practice and the last person to leave?
  9. Beyond physical training are you practicing: mental training, recovery sessions, proper nutrition and hydration, sleep and stress management, etc?
  10. How much time do you spend daily: watching TV, on your computer, smartphone, social media, etc?

Dedication: devoted, loyal, conscientious. To commit oneself to a particular course or thought or action…Devote: To give one’s time, focus, one’s effort, commit oneself entirely for / on or to a certain matter…Commit: To give in trust, to put in charge, to entrust, to consign, used with to / unto.