10 Nutrition Tips For Atheltes:

  1. Prepare the body for the: day, exercise, workout, game, rest, recovery, etc.
  2. Testing – determine nutritional needs as an athlete for a specific sport and the requirements of that particular sport
  3. Timing for nutrition and hydration
  4. Optimal weight: in-season and off-season
  5. Specific food choices: whole foods, organic, limit fast food and fried foods, more veggies and whole fruits, etc.
  6. Sport specific tools and testing – as granular as position specific for your sport and figuring out those needs for optimal performance
  7. Regular allergy testing to reduce breaks-outs or reductions in performance and being sick
  8. Delivery types and sources for food and hydration, chocolate milk as an option
  9. Multiple choices for: supplements, vitamins and minerals – approvals from teams and doctors (rules for pro leagues)
  10. Seasonal specific food choices and needs



Meditation and Mindfulness:

Jason Meditation Cove Park May 2015

Spend time daily meditating. Start 2/3 minutes a day and build the practice to 10/20 minutes daily once or twice a day. So so many benefits: allows you the see the game slower and react to things more efficiently, maximizing your motions and playmaking abilities can become more heightened through breathing techniques, reduce levels of stress on and off the field of play, increased / greater goal directed energy, focuses you in on the task at hand, gets you centered in your mind and body, etc…