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Athletes who take recovery seriously have a distinct advantage over those who don’t. Anyone earning a living from the condition of their bodies should be doing whatever they can to remain in optimal form for as long as possible. But many athletes believe that that goal must be accomplished by training or even overtraining to the point of exhaustion, opening themselves up to injury and fatigue by not recovering enough.

No athlete can compete at peak performance all of the time. Athletes in general tend to follow the no pain, no gain mantra and the ideologies of sore muscles, equals happy pain. How long can an athlete maintain optimal performance before they deteriorate to barely functional or even worse, injured? That’s why an athletic recovery plan is equally as important as a training regimen.


Athletes, who maximize their recovery, maximize their potential.

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My name is Jason Papalio. I’ve developed a system to help elite athletes gain (and retain) a competitive edge in their sport. His Hundreds of Clients, from: Professional Athletes and Division 1 College/University Teams to High School Elite and Weekend Warriors, work with Jason to train their minds and bodies to achieve greatness both on and off the field or court. His clients move and react more quickly, experience less fatigue, outperform their competition, and add years to their career.

“Jason Papalio was essential to our success this season. He is the consummate professional and worked very well with my team, while being extremely helpful to my staff and I in pushing our players to fulfill their athletic potential and goals.”

-Steve Masiello, Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Manhattan College, 2-Time MACC Champion (2014 and 2015), 2014 Metropolitan Coach of the Year.


About Jason Papalio

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I understand the pressures elite athletes place on their bodies. There are personal bests to beat, competitions to train for, and games to win. No doubt these convictions confer strength and vigor to those enduring the nonstop physical hustle of crushing goals and improving oneself. Making time for rest may seem unrealistic. But I’ve learned the hard way the value of a solid recovery program.

After following and playing sports my entire life, I’ve built a career upon developing the type of athletic recovery programs I wish I’d had access to when I was injured badly enough to dampen my dreams as an athlete.

As a competitive athlete through out most of my life, I suffered injuries to: both knees, both ankles, my neck, back, etc. But it took a freak accident on the basketball court as an adult, a Ruptured Achilles Tendon, for me to truly understand the importance of athletic recovery. Through: rehab, yoga, and adequate recovery periods, I healed my body and was able to continue my athletic lifestyle as a weekend warrior.

Jason has been practicing and studying yoga for more than fifteen years. In his past finance career the sixty plus hour work weeks he was putting in were taking their toll both physically and mentally. Those priceless hours of yoga and meditation classes, and his regular involvement in recreation sports, were his salvation.

Now, as an athletic recovery specialist, I’ve merged my two life passions (sports and yoga) to help other athletes prevent the mistakes I made by putting too much stress on my body without adequate rest. I’ve done this to help you gain that competitive advantage you crave.


Fully Customized Recovery Programs

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Jason Papalio’s customized athletic recovery programs help athletes become more body aware, less susceptible to injury, stronger, and more flexible. When it comes to athletes, one size does not fit all. Programs are built for each athlete for their specific sport and the position they play. After all, a quarterback, a hockey goaltender, and a second baseman all have unique movement patterns and are all at risk of developing different injuries. Jason understands the physical and mental wear and tear athletes endure in their different roles, and develops a tailored athletic recovery plan to help elevate performance and achieve greatness in their game of choice.

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