Athletic Recovery Specialist
  • In Order to perform better, you must recover better!

You only get one body to carry you through this life. And if you’re an Athlete: Professional, Amateur or Weekend Warrior—your particular body endures more than its share of abuse. Especially if you’re not giving it ample recovery time.

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Jason Papalio understands the pressures elite athletes place on their bodies. Their are personal bests to beat, competitions to train for and games to win. No doubt these convictions confer strength and vigor to those enduring the nonstop physical hustle of crushing goals and improving oneself. Making time for rest may seem unrealistic. But I’ve learned the hard way the value of a solid recovery program.



Jason Papalio’s customized athletic recovery programs help athletes become more body aware, less susceptible to injury, stronger and more flexible. When it comes to athletes, one size does not fit all. Programs are built for each athlete for the specific sport and position they play. After all, a quarterback, a hockey goaltender, and a second baseman, all have unique movement patterns and are all at risk of developing different injuries. Jason understands the physical and mental wear and tear athletes endure in their different roles, and develops a tailored athletic recovery plan to help elevate performance and achieve greatness in their game of choice.



His Hundreds of Clients, from: Professional Athletes and Division 1 College/University Teams to High School Elite and Weekend Warriors, work with Jason to train their minds and bodies to achieve greatness both on and off the field or court. His clients move and react more quickly, experience less fatigue, outperform their competition, and add years to their career.

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  • Hip Mobility for Athletes (22 minutes): A sequence of poses that will open the hips, creating a greater range of motion in your stride, increase athleticism, reduce injuries, and create a true competitive edge for you, as an athlete!
  • Superb Balance for Athletes (21 minutes): A focused session combining standing poses to create a strong foundation as an Athlete. Improve: athleticism, balance, concentration, focus, and reduce injures.
  • Shoulder Mobility for Athletes (20 minutes): Improve range of motion by stretching and strengthening shoulder muscles and incorporate a foot sequence to stabilize your body as an athlete. Increase flexibility, athleticism, and improve focus.
  • Relax & Recharge for Athletes (16 minutes): This Calming floor practice, restorative post-workout cool-down, focuses on hamstrings and hips while relaxing the whole body and aiding overall muscle recovery and mindfulness.

  • Balance & Stability (45 minutes): Improve balance and stability to make a profound impact on your players’ all-around game! Use different training devices to improve your players’ balance, which will positively impact their performance in many areas. Understand what is key in bettering stability and balance and learn to troubleshoot common mistakes. Get multiple drills that will keep your team’s practices and workouts fun for everyone.
  • Recovery Techniques (45 minutes): Incorporate recovery techniques into your team’s daily routine to prevent injuries and help them ‘bounce back’ from a tough game or practice! Create a post-practice recovery plan to help your athletes warm-down safely. Use static stretches to improve the recovery process so your team doesn’t wear down over the course of the season. Learn which stretches translate to balance and stability to keep your players fresh.
  • Basketball Core Strengthening & Balance Drills (45 minutes): Keep your team healthy and strong from game to game and practice to practice! Discover the ‘five pillars for protecting an athlete’s health’ for the season. Get programming for how to incorporate a dynamic warm-up, balance drills, and static stretch into your practice plan. Learn a series of basketball specific drills for improving your player’s core balance.
  • Dynamic Warm-Up for Basketball (45 minutes): Help your basketball players become more flexible and explosive! See how to warm up your players using dynamic movements to get their muscles ready for action. Learn how to use static stretching at the end of your a practice or workout for better recovery. Discover how to use yoga as a way to improve your team.

Athletic Recovery System

You’ll be able to move and react more quickly, giving you that competitive edge that all athletes are after. You’ll experience less fatigue, enjoy increased levels of preparedness, and ultimately greater performance.

Sport Specific Yoga - (Yoga Coach)

Our system will carry you through sport specific movement patterns through select yoga poses. When you then go to perform these same movements on the field or on the court, you’ll be able to do so, effortlessly.

Mental Training - (Leadership Coach)

90% of Performance is Mental! Event plus Response equals Outcome. E+R=O

Mindfulness Training

A Mindful Athlete is able to remain totally in the moment, which has been linked to enhanced performance... i.e.: playing in “The Zone.”

The Miracle Ball Method

An innovative approach to movement, whereby excess tension in our muscles gets relieved, allowing for more freedom of movement.

Injury Prevention

Most sports injuries occur when athletes disconnect from their bodies. You’ll learn to analyze your form during exercise to both optimize your workouts, and help prevent compensation based injuries.

Jason Papalio - Athletic Recovery Training Specialist

Implements a sport specific approach to his system, helping athletes reach their max potential with improved mental focus to gain superior results on and off the field.

Join the world-class athletes currently working with us:

When you’re ready for an athletic recovery system customized for your position in your chosen sport, contact us. We'll teach you to connect with your body and be aware of it, unlike anything else in the world of sports!


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